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Chartered Accounting
Statutory Audit


Anas Abou El Mikias is a graduate of ISCAE. Chartered accountant and member of the OEC, he is FINACS’ associate manager since 2006.

ANAS ABOU EL MIKIAS, Chartered accountant and member of the OEC (Chartered Accountants Order) is the associate manager of FINACS’ since 2006.

From 2007 to 2012

Senior Manager at Financial Department at the World Bank:

  • Evaluation and supervision of over fifty projects and studies for the World Bank (INDH, Green Plan, Agricultural Development Agency, ONEP …)
  • Assessment and recommendation of the problems to which donors and investors are confronted.
  • Intervention on projects funded by the World Bank in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Djibouti and the Middle East.

Auditing Missions

Mining and chemical sector : OCP, SCE Group, Air Liquide

Automobile Distribution : Renault, auto lobby SMEIA, Universe Motors, CLAW, Sopriam

Beer and soft drinks : Morocco’s Breweries Group: SBM BRANOMA Brasserie de Tanger, SCBG

Mineral water : Mineral waters and Sotherma of Oulmès

Cardboard and packaging : CMPC, CMB plastic Carnaud

Hotel : Accor, Revlys, Malabata, Berbere Palace, Merinides, Tower Hassan, Club Issil

Real Estate : Sonadac, Salej, METC, Golf Benslimane, FADESA

Holding : ONA, SNI, Somed, Zellidja, Interfina, Moussahama

Gas distribution : Metragaz

Transport : Sim Distribution

Concession of water and electricity : REDAL

Infrastructure : Morocco Hotels and villages, Bouregreg Project